Previous Research

   IEEE 802.11a/n WLAN baseband IC
   Digital signal processor IC for SDR
   3GPP W-CDMA beam-forming baseband IC for base station
   MC-CDMA baseband IC for next-generation cellular communication
   Impulse radio ultra wideband (UWB) baseband IC
   DVB-T/DVB-H baseband IC design
   IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX)baseband processing
   Platform for OFDM communication transceiver fast prototyping and real-time channel emulation
   High-speed MIMO OFDM baseband IC design for 60-GHz WLAN
   Low-complexity deep learning technology (FloatSD4) and SOC design
   5G mobile communication research, e.g. C-V2X, TDIC, CNN based channel estimation/beamformer selection, Low-complexity SCMA decoding

 Ongoing Research

   Deep neural network circuit architecture/IC design, low-complexity 4-bit SD4 CNN technology
   Baseband processing for B5G mobile communications, e.g. genetic polar decoder, low-complexity massive MIMO beamformer design, NR-U
   8-ant multi-user MIMO OFDM software defined radio using Verilog on Xilinx RFSoC board and NI USRP
   Baseband signal processing IC design, e.g. polar/LDPC decoder IC, SCMA decoder IC

 Selected Fabricated ICs
40nm Belief Propagation Decoder IC for
LDPC and Polar Codes in the 5G Standard
1.625TOPS/W SOC for Deep CNN Training and Inference in 28nm CMOS
Mobile WiMAX Transceiver IC
with 300Km/h mobility. (☆ ISSCC2011)
8x8 64QAM MIMO Sphere Decoding IC
MIMO OFDM Baseband IC for Cognitive Radio Discrete Wavelet-Division Modulation Receiver for Cognitive Radio. (☆ ISSCC2007)
Ultra-Low-Power Delay Line
using Gated Driver Tree
Multi-carrier CDMA IC for Cellular Communications
Impulse-Radio UWB
Baseband Receiver (☆ ISSCC2005)
High-Speed Reconfigurable FIR Chip
Variable-Length FFT Processor Chip 1600-MIPS Parallel Processor
IEEE 802.11a WLAN Chip DSP for OFDM/CDMA communications
3GPP Beamforming WCDMA Chip Low-power Matched Filter Chip
Clock and Data recovery Chip for CD-ROM Analog Motion Field Detector Chip
Fast-Switching Frequency Synthesizer IEEE 802.11 WLAN Chip